Website Promotion

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Website promotion is about optimizing a website to get better search engine results. Website promotion has prevailed to be called with the English acronym SEO (search engine optimization or search engine optimization) which has become a very pop word of the internet today.

Benefits of Website Promotion

By selecting the above strategies, the results are visible. So you can

  • Increase website traffic by search engines
  • increase targeted traffic and passive organic traffic from search engines
  • increase your clientele and sales
  • find new business opportunities for your website

Adwords – Google Advertisment

With paid Google advertising, customers will see you just when they're looking at what you offer on Google.

You pay only when someone clicks on your ad to visit your site or to call you. In other words, when your ad has an impact. You decide on the amount you will invest. Just start with the daily budget you can spend. Then and always in contact with the customer, we adjust it according to the result. Many businesses make a good start with a daily budget of 10 € to 20 €!

Social Media

Social media has a lot of people and you need to ensure the presence of your business and website in as many social media as possible. Surely you have to ensure your presence in the four major social media:

Google plus
Twitter and

The above four basic social media overwhelm a total of about 10 million Greeks. An entire Greece is on the internet.

Web Banner

Re:fresa can also design your advertising web banners, making them attractive, because we know exactly what attracts and what drives those who browse the Internet to "click" on a banner. Website promotion through targeted banner campaigns is extremely cost-effective and in conjunction with Google Adwords, can make your business succeed!